Narrative and Strategy Development

Synchronize With Objectives

When you retain NRM Public Affairs as your partner, the journey begins with a series of steps that are designed to help integrate your narrative and strategy with your corporate objectives.

A Compelling Message

Cutting through the clutter, being clear, concise, and “heard” is the difference between an organization that tries to communicate and a high-performance leader in the marketplace of ideas.

Regardless of how you are communicating, calibrating the right message to the right stakeholder segment can be the difference between success and failure.

NRM Public Affairs has helped numerous organizations develop and fine-tune a clear and compelling narrative and an effective strategy for communicating it. We take an evidence-based approach so
you can be confident in the strategy and the measurement of your progress.

NRM’s narrative and strategy development includes a number of interlocking steps:


This involves conducting a situational analysis of the communications environment(political, media, public and stakeholders), including an analysis of the key players’ positions and narratives.

It gives you an independent, 360-degreeview of the opportunities and risks in the current environment.


Attainable strategic communications goals are defined within the context of your current corporate objectives and positions.


The deliverable that clients can expect is a strategy that includes:

  • recommendations on target audiences (segments) and points of engagement;
  • a written narrative and messaging, in both short and long form, for integration in your communications activities;
  • an outcome map with options and recommendations for communications, outreach and advocacy approaches and tactics; and,·
  • a measurement framework.


From writing and editing to digital marketing and multimedia, we are available to help in the implementation of your strategy. We will also be there to help you measure your progress and support professional development services needed for your people.