Communications Audits

Optimize and Focus

The pandemic is changing how we communicate.

Critical to having impact is the need to know if and how you’re reaching your audiences with the right message using the right channels.

You invest a lot money and resources in corporate communications. You work to define who you are, where you’re going, how you want to be perceived and story you wish to share.

That’s why you want to know the degree to which you’re reaching your objectives. You want to know if there are ways you can improve. You want to make sure you’re getting a good return on your investment.

NRM’s Communications Audit is a professional, systematic and customized analysis of your internal and external communications. It will provide you with clarity and a series of practical recommendations. It will help you to produce the outcomes you need to succeed.

The NRM team will:

  • help you choose the communication areas to be audited;
  • clarify your communications objectives and desired outcomes,
  • what we call the “Outcome Statement” will analyze your communications channels, content and strategy in relation to that statement; and,
  • analyze existing research or conduct new research about your stakeholders and audiences.

We share insights that reveal:

  • the degree to which your communications support the Outcome Statement;
  • what you can do to improve your effectiveness and how to do it;
  • what your audiences know about you, what they need to know, and how they prefer to be reached;
  • your strengths and weaknesses in current communications channels and untapped opportunities; and,
  • a practical plan to implement recommendations, adjustments, and changes.